illustrator + designer



I’m Ikjong. I’m a visual communication designer from Chicago, Illinois who loves nature, human, and trap music. These days, I’m constantly trying to get better at understanding people in order to better encourage them. And, with design or with anything I do I try to just have fun and see what I can do to improve so that I can have more fun next time and bring optimism to the environment haha. Currently, I’m in my third year at Carnegie Mellon University and second year in the School of Design studying Communications Design with a minor in Architecture.

Last summer, I got a chance to study abroad in Germany with Doug Cooper to learn how to draw and map out the city of Berlin and also got a chance to intern at IBM as a UX designer on the zManage team to design their latest analytics tools. Currently, I work as a galley assistant at Miller ICA, a contemporary art gallery based in Pittsburgh, to help out with art installation and protecting the work.

I’m always open to getting to know people at a deeper level so feel free to contact me anytime and thank you for visiting my website :D


Phone    224 800 4409


Some of my drawings from last summer in Berlin!