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Thank you for visiting my website! My name is Ikjong Choi, and I’m a visual/UX designer from Chicago, Illinois. Currently, I’m in Pittsburgh as a third-year student at Carnegie Mellon University studying communication design and architecture. At school, I focus on training my eyes in design and learn how to tackle complex problems that involve switching between different levels of system and understanding different stakeholders.

As a designer and a person, I get motivated by any intriguing ideas that may seem impossible to execute but if I can visualize the idea by drawing it out or if I can see myself in that future with the idea in my head, that’s enough for me to keep myself motivated and pursue the idea. And, I love working with optimistic people who are idea/vision-driven and aspire to grow together as a team.

I'm currently looking for any exciting opportunities! Feel free to contact me to get to know me better or about anything I can help you with :)


Phone    224 800 4409


What I drew this summer in Germany!