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I’m Ikjong. Nice to meet you! I’m a visual and UX designer from Chicago, Illinois who loves nature, human, and trap music. I’m constantly trying to get better at understanding people so that I can better encourage them! With design, I want to help people find and pursue their passion and help relieve anyone’s suffering. Currently, I study Communications Design and Architecture as a third-year student at Carnegie Mellon University with a focus on social design and systems thinking.

Last summer, I got a chance to study abroad in Germany with Doug Cooper to learn how to draw and map out the city of Berlin and also got a chance to intern at IBM as a UX designer on their Mainframe team to design their latest analytics tool on AppDynamics/Splunk.

I’m always happy to get to know people at a deeper level so feel free to contact me anytime and thank you for visiting my website ;)


Phone    224 800 4409

Some sketchbook drawings from last summer in Berlin!

Sam, the South African goldfish

Sam, the South African goldfish