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Visualizing Data for IBM z/OS

Data is everywhere and organizations are looking to uncover meaningful insights from their data. IBM offers a complete machine learning solution to extract hidden value from enterprise data with IBM Machine Learning for z/OS.

Challenge: Design a tool that helps organizations quickly ingest and transform data to create, deploy and manage high quality self-learning behavioral models using IBM Z systems data, securely in place and in real time, to more accurately anticipate customer and business needs.


Software Design Internship

Skills: User Research, UX/UI, Forecasting


Rule Admin Creates Rule Copy 25.png

Research and Insights

Understanding the Problem Space

Mainframe computers are legacy systems and require specific trainings in order to take full advances of its use. However, it’s very difficult to train new subject-matter experts with mainframe problem diagnosis and remediation knowledge. IBM thus created different digital tools for IBM mainframe computers, but it doesn’t take account for different types of people using the tool as everyone who's using it has specific roles.


Rule Admin

  • creating the rules/remediation actions

  • viewing/updating the rules

  • publish/unpublish rules

Customer (Operator)

  • Subscribe to rules - identify method of notification (SMS, text, email, etc.)

  • Unsubscribe to rules

  • Make recommendations on rule updates

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“I need a tool that analyzes the data and provides me the recommended actions to remediate the problem.”

-Jim, Z Subject Matter Expert

“I need the ability to easily isolate and resolve problems with my application to reduce my dependency on the IT Infrastructure organization.”

-Eric, Application Developer


End-To-End Framework

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Provide new capabilities for senior SME’s to capture their knowledge and easily share it with new/junior SME’s.

To-Be Scenario (Who, What, Wow)

a) For a senior SME, provide a simple capability to create analytics problem insights and remediation actions within the spunk framework.

b) For a junior SME, allow them to subscribe to Splunk-based analytical rules to be alerted and drive remediation actions with no communications to my senior SME’s. 





Key Takeaways

  • Importance of persona: different stakeholders have different experiences.

  • If the product doesn’t clearly show its context through a compelling story, clients won’t buy into the product.

  • Focus on who, what, wow: the stakeholders, what the product enables them to do, and its impact.