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Discovering Unique Style For Everyone. UniStyle is a clothing app concept that uses clothes-detecting technology integrated in the camera of smartphones to help colorblind people and any other people find new outfits from their wardrobe and help them buy new clothes in the mobile shop integrated in the app that recommends new clothes by finding patterns of their wardrobe style: color-scheme/trend/types of clothing/etc. 


Personal Project

Winter 2017



First, I wanted to design a product that would enhance colorblind or visually-impaired people's lives. 

According to statistics, about 8% of all men and about 0.5% of all women suffer from color vision deficiency. This is means that approximately 300 million people in this struggle with color deficiency. 

According to other research, most people with red/green color blindness, which is the most common type of color blindness, can only identify accurately 5 colors out of 24 colors in a standard box of colored pencils.

Left to Right: Normal Vision, Deuteranopia, Protanopia, Tritanopia

Left to Right: Normal Vision, Deuteranopia, Protanopia, Tritanopia

This winter break, while I was researching on improving user experience for colorblind people in web and mobile platforms, I came across questioning, what kind of product can I design to improve daily life of colorblind people? So then, I listed out common problems colorblind people deal with in their everyday life.

From the list I created, I then picked out one problem that was common among colorblind people but also common among non-colorblind people:



Picking out clothes that match



Picking out clothes that match is something that people have trouble whether they are colorblind or not due to many reasons. For example, colorblind people would have trouble because of their color deficiency and not being able to distinguish and match the colors between their clothes, and other people would have trouble because they are not informed about fashion or just simply too busy to care. I looked through and identified specific instances people have trouble and commented on how each instance causes trouble. Here are the two big problems:

Buying Clothes Online/Offline



When colorblind people buy clothes online, they worry about one common thing: Would the clothes I'm buying match well with what I have in my wardrobe?. This is the only thing they would actually worry about because it doesn't matter whether the website tells you what color the clothes are because they don't see the color the way non-colorblind people see, so it's hard for them to think what colors match together from their memory unless they memorize some color rules. If unlucky, clothing website like shown above would display color's name not directly which can cause a trouble for colorblind people who memorize colors and the 'general rule' of how colors match.

Also in general, when people shop clothes anywhere, they generally want to buy clothes that would match well with their style/trend/ and what they already have in their wardrobe which is not quite possible when shopping in the mall. 

Decision Fatigue

In the modern society, people are having more trouble deciding on things than ever before due to many numbers of decisions they have to make each day as they take in so much information everywhere from social media to their work life. People thus suffer from 'Decision Fatigue' which causes them to make impulsive decisions from spending an excessive amount of money to making bad choices. 

Spending time choosing clothes can seem like it's not taking up much of people's time, but it can definitely add up and affect the quality of other important decisions they have to make later in the day. 




Thus, I decide to simply design an app that would help anyone to quickly find an outfit from their wardrobe and also help them buy new clothes. 

Competitive Analysis 

First, I studied different apps from photo/color-detecting apps to wardrobe/fashion apps that already exist in the market and looked through their pros and cons. What I found out in general from these apps was that these apps definitely do help people to organize clothes in the app by taking pictures of their clothes or showing different clothes that would inspire the users, it doesn't necessarily help them discover new outfits from their wardrobe or mobile shop that would match with what they have in their wardrobe.


Idea Sketches/Wireframes




Style Guide

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Interaction Guide

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Saving Wardrobe Items

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New Outfit - from camera

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New Outfit - from wardrobe

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New Outfit - from shop